A day of local acoustic music, arts & crafts & homemade food. Held in the beautiful Little Bromley Church, and hopefully outside too if the weather is good.

Come along for a relaxing day, no charge for entry just a small charge for a generous plate of good food, cake, tea & coffee.

See you there?!

Local musicians - please get in touch with us if you would be interested in performing a 15 minute set at Brom Fest.

There will be no PA, but the acoustics inside the church are great.

Art & Craft - Any local artists & makers of handmade items, if you'd like a table at Brom Fest, please let us know. There will be no charge for a space, inside or outside the church, you will just be responsible for bringing your own table & setting up. No commission on sales will be taken, just a small donation to the event if you'd like to do this.

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