The Whole Shebang @ John Peel Centre

Us Columbines ventured out for our first outing of the year to 'The Whole Shebang' open mic night at the John Peel Centre in Stowmarket. A place we had been meaning to get to for a while... We played a 4 songs (3 and an encore!) - Starting our set with our original song 'Black Swan', followed by a cappella 'Sylvie', Rain & Snow - a traditional American Folk tune with an adjoined instrumental jig and an encore of 'Shallow Brown', a shanty-esque a cappella song. Our set seemed to go down really well and we hope to be back again later in the year - details will appear soon-ish! It's great space for live music and a thoroughly enjoyable evening with great sound! We were one of ten local acts, great to see such a diverse range of local musical talent. Thank you John Peel Centre :)

#Suffolk #EastAnglia #Americana #Trio #Acoustic #Stowmarket #JohnPeel #OpenMic #Columbines

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